Making a list and sticking to it!!

After a year off I finally did it and went shopping this weekend! It was very exciting but like going to the grocery store I had a list of items to replace...

1. Pair of Hudson Jeans
2. High-end White Tank Top

I went to two stores, Nordstroms and Elisa B., both stores have excellent customer service even the boutique in addition to quality merchandise. I felt great in Elisa B., a free standing store in Pasadena. It was also calm and relaxed in Nordstroms.
I found the items on my list + 3 extra tops! Ooops! All the tops are USA made and pre-shrunk, I'm buying these to last another year plus! The denim should be around for several years to come :)

Overall it was a pleasant reintroduction to shopping. I think Fara Haine has taught me that less is more, being creative with what you have is much more rewarding then running out to the store to buy the latest trend! Before doing this mission I felt like I really knew my style but now more than ever I really know what works and doesn't work for me. It's a lifestyle thing and no sales person can tell me different!

And to keep things rolling I have given up plastic bags completely (zilch) and take out cups!! Oh and the boutique I shopped at gave me a custom reusable bag, so cool and symbolic!


OMG...1 more day!!

HOly moley! We did it!!

We need to decide what to do for next year, it starts tomorrow May 1st...should we go on a 'packaging' fast? Like no plastic bags, wrappings, take-away containers, etc. Thoughts?


Un Ano!

I can't believe the end is in sight! Wow! We did it!

Now...what shall we give up next??


Americans are SaViNg More...pros & cons

I was just listening to a very interesting segment on NPR. The topic: Americans are saving more than ever and the pros/cons of the same.

We (FH)are doing our part to save $$$ and probably started well ahead of most people! Probably ahead of a so called and unemployed 'fashionista' they interviewed today. A LA chick who had to drastically cut back on her spending, no hair color, no mani/pedi's (even for $10!), no Starbucks, no spendy dinners, no unnecessary clothing shopping etc. I mean if this is reaching these how do you say?...high maintenance women then it's gone full bore!

Personally I think this help people re-connect. For instance some people will have to learn how to cook and will consequently spend more time with their friends and family while cooking. Or maybe people will take a hike or walk around the neighborhood and be more aware of their community. Maybe even some extreme people will pick up a piece of trash here or there.

Optimistically speaking there are some arguments that suggest a down-turned economy makes communities stronger at a local level :)

Unfortunately this saving trend will hurt the economy in the short run but will be positive in the long run. If people don't spend then the recession will deepen.

I don't feel qualified to talk to much about the downside and if the government spends then they will take up for the people not spending, etc. It's just too complex!

T.'s outlook (glass 1/2 FULL):
From the product standpoint this recession will push manufactures to lower there cost and maybe, just maybe go back to making the higher quality, long lasting products our grandparents and parents were used too. Products may be more eco-friendly and smaller. Or maybe they will just make them cheaper but at the end of the day it's up to us the consumer to decide?! Quality or Quantity? I think it's obvious what we (FH peeps) will do but what will the masses do?

On the community front there may be less Starbucks and shopping malls popping up everywhere, more open land? Again this is all very wishful and would be a turbulent process of change but are we already seeing 'change' (should I do an Obama TM symbol at the end of that?).

Only time will tell!


We are super stars!

I have to admit...I'm getting excited to buy a couple of new summer outfits! And, man, I can't WAIT to buy a new pair of shoes...I love shoes!!!
BUT, I will also add that this year has really helped me be more conscious of what I truly need in my wardrobe, what I can afford, and what items are QUALITY! I think that I will be a slower consumer of clothing now...meaning, I will sleep on things before I buy them and will always double check whether or not I desperately need each new item.


59 DAYS TO GO.....

I hope my calculations are correct!
Can you believe it?!! It feels like only yesterday we were mumbling about how difficult this would be and now look at where we are, under 2 months away!


Quote of the Week

"When I saw your blog, I thought, 'You guys are amateurs. I haven't bought new clothes in way longer than a yea...'"
Dennis Lane


The Global Garage


There is a sweet, semi-new consignment shop in Buena Vista. I have started an account there, selling some nice, used items that I don't want anymore. They have a great website which allows you to log in to your personal account, see your items, and track what you've sold and for how much! If you make over $20, they write you a check at the end of the month. You can choose to donate or pick up those items that you don't sell. They also have a cute cafe and live music! Great business to support!


Michelle Obama

I have been really inspired by Michelle Obama's style lately and have started following her fashion avidly. One really cool thing is she recycles clothes, which I think is a great message for these economic times and also shows that you can recycle and look very classy. This is a great round-up of her looks:
http://www.nydailynews.com/lifestyle/gallerie s/the_first_lady_michelle_obama/the_first_lad y_michelle_obama.html
I was thinking about something Samantha was saying about using a hankey as well--I have never really understood how not to be disgusting and do this, but I blow my nose so much that it would be a very good thing to learn. Samantha, thoughts?


How many times will you wear it?

WJS addresses 'repeat' dressing....


How many times do you repeat a garment and what features, qualities, etc. determine the same?


Think you can give up your favorite 'take out' caffeine?

Yes? Then try giving it up for the month of January! No take out coffee for one month this includes chai tea, herbal teas, and even hot chocolate. Note: This is an optional challenge for anyone interested! Save money, less paper trash, etc.

Good luck! :)


Additional Challenge for the month of January?

Any one interested in adding on a additional challenge for January? Samantha has mentioned giving up all 'take out' coffee/tea/drinks/etc. or not using any paper towels? I think we should throw some ideas out there. It's voluntary so don't stress over it! ;)


Oniomania to be acknowledged by the American Psychiatric Association by 2011

I came across a great article in the Wall Street Journal and I would LOVE to hear some feedback!

F.Y.I. Oniomania - passion or insane desire to buy things.

Okay now read this article.....



The List: Top Activites Consumers Plan to Increase

The List: Top Activites Consumers Plan to Increase
by Cecily Hall
Posted Thursday December 11, 2008
From WWD Issue 12/11/2008

With the economy in upheaval, people are reexamining their priorities. A recent study by the National Association of Television Program Executives and E-Poll Market Research sought to find out the activities consumers were increasing and decreasing. “They seem to be hibernating a bit, but people are still very social,” noted Gerry Philpott, president and chief executive officer of E-Poll. “But even if people do go to the movies, they’ll eat dinner at home first, for example.” He also pointed out, “During the Great Depression and World War II, there were financial hardships, and entertainment still boomed. It’s the last industry to go.” E-Poll found that those who say they are most “in control” of their lives are 55 or older. Thirty-five to 54-year-olds appear to be squeezed the hardest.

Below: The Top Activities Consumers Have Increased

Consumers who said they increased this activity 32 %

Consumers who said they increased this activity 27 %

Consumers who said they increased this activity 25 %

Consumers who said they increased this activity 20 %

Consumers who said they increased this activity 19 %


Quote of the Week

Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes.